Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm An Author -- Among Other Things.

What does it take to be considered an "Author"? Does it require you to finish a book, publish a book, sell a book, or all of the above? I suppose the answer is based on a matter of opinion.

Today, while I sat amidst the chaos of a five year old's birthday party, I realized that I am a mother, a wife, a professional, a volleyball mom, an activity organizer, a master grocery shopper and I can plan like nobody's business. BUT I am also an author -- well at least I think I am!

There are many things that one may strive to be during their lifetime -- some accomplishments will even be made without intention. But are we selling ourselves short by not embracing and celebrating our ability to wear many hats....even if they don't always fit quite right?

The day I told my best friend that I had finished my first book, she exclaimed, "You actually wrote a book. That's amazing!" When I initially finished the book, I didn't quite have a grasp on that fact. I was just so grateful to get it done and published, that I didn't take the time to wear the "author hat". But after hearing her words, something ignited and I realized -- Yeah, I guess I did. But did that now make me an author? Or just an aspiring author? Or worse -- is it just a "neat" hobby?

I am not, by any means, claiming to be a veteran writer or even have the clout to say that I am a "published" author --  it is only my aspiration to be. Just as it may be another persons dream to sing the National Anthem, fly to the moon, or become President. And I have no right to deny or criticize them.

I now often find myself watching someone and wondering, "Are they more than they appear to be?" Have I been mentally categorizing and labeling people for my own convenience? Perhaps the garbage man once traveled to Africa and helped build water sources. Maybe the Barista whose making my tall, non-fat, caramel latte, is an aspiring singer. Perhaps I have been too quick in summing up those around me -- doing the very thing that I don't want others doing to me. Judging.

I am discovering that if you dig a little deeper, ask a few more questions and prepare your ears to listen -- you might be surprised by what you learn. Am I an author? Maybe I am, maybe I'm not and maybe that's yet to be determined. But what I do know, is that I have the ability to be many things all at once, while still striving to be more.

And so does everybody else.

Take care my friends,


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