Thursday, November 6, 2014

Made in Sweden-- COMING SOON!

After I wrote and finished The Nostalgia Effect, I was certain that I wouldn't write another book for quite a while afterwards. Well...I was wrong. Immediately upon finishing that one, another story started brewing in my head, and wouldn't stop until I put the words on paper.

With Kings of Leon playing on my Spotify, I sat down and let the music lead me to words, that led me to a story, that got me to the theme I'd been dreaming about -- I wanted people to read my book and have the desire to go to Sweden. Why? Because it's like a second home to me and regardless of what people might think of the "socialist" country, it will always be a place that my heart is deeply connected to.

Though only a portion of the book takes place in Sweden and the theme isn't entirely about going to Sweden or how Swedes leave, I wanted it to be an important part of the storyline.

So...what's the book about? Well, it's about life! You know how you think you know what your life is going to be like and then something happens and your plans change, then something else happens and your plans change again? Yep, it's about all that. Except for the fact that it's happening to a self-conscience, somewhat jaded, aspiring photographer named Julie. She decides to hop on a plane and escape her lackluster life in Portland to meet up with her long-term, musician boyfriend whose on tour in Europe.

Sounds fun, right? Sure! Well, that is until everything goes topsy-turvy and she finds herself in a situation she didn't anticipate. In the midst of this, she has a family tragedy that upsets the peace she'd managed to find in Sweden, thus forcing her to return home to the States. Now saddled with another upset in her life, additional circumstances force her to grow up quickly. But Julie must rise above and maintain focus to move forward.

It's a quick read, that is sure to entertain, while reminding you that life has it's ups and downs, but usually, in the end, it's always for the best. I hope you enjoy Made in Sweden.


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